Incident Resolution

Speed-up and consolidate all incidents resolution by automatically orchestrating different activities throughout the organization.

Make your teams more agile with automated processes

Incident resolution coordination is one of the most time-consuming activities for store associates.
What is more, a late and inefficient resolution of these incidents is a major source of costs for retailers, even having possible legal liabities.

How does Frogmi help?

With Frogmi, you can speed up incidents’ resolution by automatically consolidating and orchestrating processes across your organization. Support the resolution of Covid incidents, health risks, personal accidents, maintenance and IT incidents, and much more.

Covid incidents

Health risk

Personal accidents

Maintenance and IT incidents

Report and coordinate the resolution of all types of incidents in one place, through customized automatic resolution workflows. Connect the entire organization, avoiding inefficient and informal communication channels. Achieve process transparency thanks to clarity in workflows and identification of responsibilities.

Define workflows, response times, and responsible areas based on your business reality. Enable automatic task generation, reducing lead time to resolution and resources spent on coordination.

Gain real-time visibility into the status and level of compliance of stores and support areas. Use advanced analytics and dashboards to identify resolution times, bottlenecks, and process gaps, maintaining full traceability.

Reduce lead time

Improve support areas’ productivity

Decrease time dedicated to coordination and follow-up.

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Frogmi is a mobile-web execution solution to optimize your store operations with a holistic approach in 360°. See other areas we can support you to achieve the perfect store experience.

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