Our Customer Success team

Our Customer Success team works with each customer through a consultative process to implement solutions that are consistent with their business needs reality, making the most of using Frogmi.

“Thanks to our extensive experience, applied to various markets and areas of retail, we can understand our customers’ problems, anticipate their needs proactively, and deliver the best solution, becoming true strategic allies every step of the way.”

Javier Saavedra
Business Operations Manager
at Frogmi

Our Customer
Succes pillar

1. Being a strategic partner

We approach your problems with an integral perspective, seeking to solve your short and long-term needs, making the most of all your capabilities.

2. Measure to manage

We help you transform your qualitative information into quantitative and measurable data, making visible the key improvement points within your business.

3. Implement successfully

We accompany you in every step of the implementation, from training to the analysis of results, ensuring the tool's adoption.

4. Empower your operation

We share with you industry best practices that can contribute to your business. We take a fresh look at approaching problems, getting to the root cause, and strengthening your results.

5. Uncovering opportunities

We continuously look for and identify new opportunities that will help you boost your business, taking it to the next level.

Our Customer Journey:

The road to operational excellence

The Customer Success team responds quickly and efficiently to our concerns and promptly handles the feedback we can provide regarding the platform’s performance. There is a genuine concern from Frogmi ® to keep their customers happy.

Juan Santamaría
Project Manager – Operational Excellence

The Frogmi ® Customer Success team’s service is incomparable. We have done great teamwork to implement the projects on time.

Ricardo Ramírez
Field, Process Simplification and Partner Manager

We are always looking for new talent to join our team!

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