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Improve compliance with your stores’ operational standards and get complete real-time visibility.

Help your teams to optimize their store visits and audits

Inadequate in-store operational execution can generate significant losses for retailers, yet head offices do not always have sufficient visibility into what is happening in their stores to take action.

How does Frogmi help?

With Frogmi, you can ensure compliance with operational standards in your stores and get real-time visibility into cases such as store visits, process audits, work routines, quality control, and much more.

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Store visits

Icono auditoría de procesos

Process audits

Icono rutinas de trabajo

Work routines

Icono control de calidad

Quality control

Auditoría remota

Remote auditing

Perform checklists of your processes through an easy-to-use mobile application that allows you to flexibly collect different types of information and generate consolidated reports automatically.

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Ensure that critical activities regularly performed in your stores are carried out correctly and on schedule, using automated task scheduling.

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Get real-time visibility into the stores’ completion and compliance levels to make decisions. Manage your business and improve results with accurate information in the palm of your hand.

Visibility Frogmi Ilustration
Frogmi Icon Visibility Frogmi Icon Visibility Frogmi Icon Visibility

Guaranteed compliance with procedures and protocols

Photographic evidence of what happens in your stores

Advanced analytics for decision making

Our Solutions

Frogmi is a mobile-web execution solution to optimize your store operations with a holistic approach in 360°. See other areas we can support you to achieve the perfect store experience.

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Frogmi is a comprehensive web-mobile solution that supports the critical points of store operation to ensure proper execution.

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