In the digital age, employee mobile apps have emerged as essential tools for enhancing efficiency and communication within companies. These applications benefit not only office workers, but also those in the field who face unique challenges that require specific solutions.

Recent studies indicate that 70% of field workers believe that more technology could significantly enhance their performance. Areas such as communications, operations and logistics, productivity, and induction and training are identified as benefiting the most. 

In fact, two-thirds of store employees consider their mobile devices as either important or very important tools for their daily tasks. Key smartphone capabilities include multitasking (70%) and access to detailed product information (67%).

 Empowering Frontline Workers

Organizations can empower their field workers through secure and flexible mobile applications that streamline their daily activities across various domains.

Here are some of the benefits your employees can obtain:

Improved Communication:

According to The Deskless Report, 65% of executives believe their corporate communication is effective, whereas only 35% of frontline workers agree. These numbers indicate a disconnect between both parties, which can be overcome with the right tools.

Mobile apps bridge this gap by facilitating communication between headquarters and field employees, ensuring they are always informed about updates, task changes, and procedures. 

Increased Productivity:

According to The Deskless Report, 80% of frontline workers believe using an application to manage their tasks positively impacts their productivity. This finding supports the importance of task and incident management apps, which provide essential tools for retail field staff to optimize their daily activities, promote more efficient processes, and ensure accurate and precise execution.

Access to Information:

A McKinsey study reveals that employees spend 1.8 hours daily searching for and gathering information. Mobile apps streamline access to necessary daily work information such as operation manuals, campaign implementations, planograms, and product specifications.

Enhanced Employee Satisfaction:

Mobile apps facilitate key processes such as induction, training, and satisfaction surveys, leading to significant improvements in employee experience and motivation. According to The Deskless Report, 38% of frontline workers consider adequate training crucial for job success and happiness.

Improved Customer Service:

According to the State of Retail Report, 88% of consumers are more likely to buy when they receive assistance or recommendations from store employees. Mobile solutions enable employees to provide precise and rapid information to consumers, enhancing the customer experience.

At Frogmi, we understand the importance of empowering sales floor workers. Our app comprises an ecosystem with modules specifically designed for the retail and CPG sectors. From process digitalization to document management, including helpdesk and ticketing, Frogmi provides in-store personnel with new capabilities to enhance their daily operations and optimize business outcomes.

With a focus on flexibility and customization, Frogmi adjusts to each company’s unique challenges, ensuring that every field worker can achieve their maximum potential and significantly contribute to the company’s operational excellence.