The digital platform to take your store associates’ performance to the next level

Discover how retailers optimize in-store operations, communication and execution with a 360° task management platform.

A one-stop shop for in-store execution:

Go beyond traditional task management

Through a mobile application and web platform, Frogmi® provides store associates with new capabilities to optimize their daily activities.

It improves standards and protocols’ compliance, enhances communication, and ensures flawless in-store execution.

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Task management and auditing platform

Simplify and automate corrective actions

StoreBeat is a task management and auditing platform. It allows to digitize and standardize store protocols and processes, incorporating real-time visibility and actionability with the creation of automatic corrective tasks.

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Task management and auditing platform

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Incident Resolution platform

Streamline incidents and requirements resolution

StoreWork is an advanced workflow and task coordination platform. It reduces coordinating and tracking time for incident and requirements, while ensuring the right outcome.

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Incident Resolution platform

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Logo shelfmanager

SKU level task management platform

Ensure perfect in-store product execution

ShelfManager is the SKU level task management platform that ensures on-shelf product availability, planogram compliance, accurate promotion and campaign implementation, and much more.


SKU level task management platform

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Logo Storecomm

Internal communication platform

Streamline communication with all your employees.

StoreComm is an advanced communication platform. It streamlines and guarantees quick and effective communication with all employees, obtaining traceability and real-time feedback wherever they are.

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Internal communication platform

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Frogmi is a comprehensive web-mobile solution that supports the critical points of store operation to ensure proper execution.

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