Simplify and automate processes with StoreBeat

StoreBeat is a task management and auditing platform that allows you to add visibility and actionability to your sales floor in a fast and simple way.

Single KPI with tags

All audits are consolidated into a single performance indicator to evaluate each store as a whole. In addition, every question can be tagged, associating it with a business area. Hence, the single performance KPI can be opened by any dimension relevant to your business.

Poweful form builder

StoreBeat has more than 10 types of questions to cover each operation’s different needs. Checklists or audits can include open-ended and multiple-choice questions, images, value scales, among other types of questions to simply and effectively address any evaluation.

Scheduling activities

StoreBeat allows you to plan checklists periodically, defining specific dates and times to accomplish the task throughout the year.

Rules for automatic task creation and assignment

Create automatic corrective tasks triggered by audit results. If a specific area or question does not achieve a passing grade, our API system immediately schedules a new corrective task. It will also automatically send it to the corresponding department to solve the problem.

Roles and access

StoreBeat allows the creation of roles and business areas to define responsibilities, permissions and access for each store within the platform.

Creating manual tasks

While conducting a store visit or audit, you can also identify new areas for improvement. Use these observations to create new manual tasks for the store or support areas.

Web-mobile platform

Since Frogmi is a web-mobile platform, your questionnaires can be answered on the mobile app and the web with an intuitive user experience.

GPS location

Identify who, when and where the store verification was performed with GPS location, user ID and timeline records.

Offline and Online Connectivity

Our IT architecture is built to withstand network interruptions. Therefore, the mobile application can be used offline and automatically synchronizes when a network is found.

API ecosystem

StoreBeat’s API system allows data, such as responses and feedback, to be extracted and incorporated into your company systems such as ERP, inventory management, and dashboards.

Fast form creation

In StoreBeat, you can create and use predefined templates to build questionnaires quickly and intuitively, adapted to your business’s needs.

Real-time analytics dashboards

Frogmi has integrated dashboards and business intelligence (BI) panels that provide real-time visibility into results and trends.

Benefits with StoreBeat

StoreBeat is a task manager that allows digitizing audits and automating processes. It easily integrates to other platforms enabling real-time visibility and supporting stores’ personnel in their daily work.

Better Results

✓ Better execution

✓ Satisfied customers

✓ Increased sales


+20%  productivity increase in personnel performing auditing tasks.


✓ Standardization

✓ Health risks reduction

✓ Other risks reduction

StoreBeat supports retail operations in different areas to achieve the perfect in-store experience

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Improve compliance with your stores’ operational standards and get complete real-time visibility.

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Execution & Automation

Send tasks in a centralized and automated way to the stores. Define responsibilities and response times for a complete follow-up.

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Other Modules

Frogmi has an ecosystem of modules to optimize store operation through its mobile-web solution. Learn about Frogmi’s other modules and how they can support you to achieve the perfect store experience.

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Frogmi is a comprehensive web-mobile solution that supports the critical points of store operation to ensure proper execution.

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