Product Execution

Ensure compliance of the product’s commercial variables on the sales floor through a task-management solution at SKU level.

Support your stores by integrating and simplifying processes

With thousands of products in a store, item level related activities are the ones that demand more human resources than any other and are often error prone and costly to your bottom line.

Regular Tasks Management solutions work on high level activities and are not effective dealing with detailed item level execution.

How does Frogmi help?

With Frogmi, you can ensure compliance with the commercial variables of your products at SKU level in processes such as smart replenishment, recall, planogram control, phantom inventory management, shrinkage control, and much more.

Smart replenishment

Product recall

Planogram control

Phantom inventory management

Shrinkage control

Inventory stock-out control

Frogmi is a task management solution focused on retail management in your stores, down to SKU level.

All business areas can interact with the platform by sending tasks to the store to improve the execution of operational activities. Store employees automatically receive all tasks related to their role in one place, having complete visibility of the work to be performed.

Frogmi can receive tasks from any source and consolidate them in one place through API integration. This way, you get flexible workflows that fit your operational reality at SKU level, integrated with your ERP system, CMR, Logistics, ESL, and IoT equipment, among others.

Frogmi allows you to consolidate information from different business areas and redirect it to each store and responsible department as new tasks. Each task includes all the necessary information for its correct execution, guiding the stores towards a perfect and timely implementation.

Store associates may identify new nonconformities in some product’s implementation as they walk through the store. Use these observations to create new tasks about the product and automatically send them to store managers, support, or other business areas for timely and effective corrective action.

Use artificial intelligence to identify anomalous sales trends. Advanced analytics processes generate intelligent auditing tasks at SKU level to check for lost sales risks such as phantom inventory, price deviations, and poorly implemented promotions.

Frogmi allows the creation of predefined workflows and automates them for faster and more efficient management, thanks to the generation of tasks to the respective work areas. Stores get all tasks in a simple and intuitive platform that allows high adoption, improving productivity and execution level, in processes such as replenishment, recall and shrink control.

Analytics and dashboards based on real-time results provide visibility into the level of completion and compliance of all products’ implementation. Manage trends, performance indicators, and outliers with advanced analytics for management.

Improve product availability

Increase your sales

Improve store associates' productivity

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