Visual Merchandising

Improve the implementation of campaigns and commercial actions through a specialized task management platform.

Optimize your in-store campaigns' implementation

The execution of campaigns and displays in stores is complex, requiring time and effort from employees.
On the other hand, communication to headquarters is deficient, having no visibility of the stores.

How does Frogmi help?

With Frogmi, you can improve the implementation of promotional campaigns, commercial actions, exhibitions, display of marketing, signage and POP material, and much more.

Implementation and control of exhibitions

Control and implementation of promotional campaigns

Control of marketing material, signage and POP material.

Upload your campaigns in bulk mode, fast and easy. Frogmi allows you to consolidate information from different business areas and redirect it in the form of tasks to each store and responsible department.

Stores get all their assignments in a simple and intuitive platform. Each task includes all the necessary information for its correct execution, guiding stores towards a seamless implementation, delivering real-time feedback to headquarters.

Thanks to the automatic creation of corrective tasks, stores gain faster problem resolution when implementing displays and campaigns, such as lack of POP material or insufficient stock.

Get high visibility of in-store reality thanks to real-time feedback and evidence of implementation. Use the photo gallery to confirm that the stores correctly implemented each display.

Ensure completion and compliance of campaigns and displays

Improve store associates’ productivity

Increase your sales thanks to correctly displayed products

Our Solutions

Frogmi is a mobile-web execution solution to optimize your store operations with a holistic approach in 360°. See other areas we can support you to achieve the perfect store experience.

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Frogmi is a comprehensive web-mobile solution that supports the critical points of store operation to ensure proper execution.

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