Coordinate complex processes and workflows with StoreWork

StoreWork is an advanced workflow and task coordination platform that allows you to streamline your company’s internal processes.

Consolidates into one platform

Consolidates all store requirements on a single platform, streamlining communication and avoiding informal communication channels and information loss.

Flexible forms

StoreWork allows you to design multiple workflows templates flexibly and simply, aligned with the reality of each of your processes, whether they have non-linear or parallel stages.

Work teams

Create work teams to define responsibilities, permissions, and access for each store within the platform. In this way, stores can direct communication directly to the specific support area according to the request. On the other hand, the responsible team will have a clear inbox to visualize the work.

Task requirements

Each task has specific requirements according to the characteristics of the case to contain all the information needed to resolve the incident. For example, a description of the situation, photographs, data, and file attachments, among others, may be requested.

Complex Workflows

StoreWork orchestrates non-linear workflows by connecting the different business areas and translating processes into task flows.

Advanced logic

StoreWork can manage complex processes with advanced logical rules that determine the steps to follow, requirements, and times associated with each process stage. Thanks to APIs, these logics can also automatically trigger alarms, reminders, or new tasks based on the results. Gracias al uso de APIs estas lógicas pueden además gatillar alarmas, recordatorios o nuevas tareas de forma automática en función de los resultados.

Meet your SLA

Use predefined deadlines according to your company’s standards to ensure a timely response while respecting your organization’s SLAs.

API ecosystem

Omnichannel Integration

StoreWork integrates through APIs to different systems such as ERP, CMR, Web, in-store QR codes, enabling a global and omnichannel connection.


Our platform integrates with different equipment and hardware, automatically generating alarms and tasks when needed through StoreWork.

Data Extraction

Extract the data contained in Frogmi, such as results and feedback, to feed ancillary systems such as ERP, inventory management, and dashboards.

Real-time analytics

StoreWork is integrated with dashboards and business intelligence (BI) panels that provide real-time visibility into the status of different incidents and requirements.

Benefits with StoreWork

StoreWork is an advanced mobile-web platform that allows you to integrate complex workflows in one place, communicating and coordinating the different business areas.

Better Results

✓ Better execution

✓ Satisfied customers

✓ Increased sales


+15% productivity in HH dedicated to identify and resolve incidents, both internal and associated to customers.

+20% in resolution rate


✓ Store associates focused on high-value, non-incidental tasks

✓ Better overall service perception

StoreWork supports retail operations in different areas to achieve the perfect in-store experience

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Incident Resolution

Speed-up and consolidate all incidents resolution by automatically orchestrating different activities throughout the organization.

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Customer Service

Deliver a seamless customer service experience and automate communication and problem resolution throughout the organization.

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