One-to-one internal communication with your desk-less workforce with StoreComm

StoreComm is an advanced platform for one-to-one internal communication with your teams.

Consolidate all communication on a single platform

Every announcement is sent to each person individually. Everyone has their own inbox to receive all communications, avoiding informal channels and redundant information. Communications are grouped by subject for an orderly and clear visualization.

Target the audience of each communication

In StoreComm you can use filters and groups to ease recipient identification and selection. You can search by area of responsibility, position, or location, among others.

Include reference documents

To provide all the necessary information, you can attach reference documents in each communication, such as PDF, images, videos, and links. The documents are embedded in the platform for higher confidentiality.

Reading and learning validation

Each communication can include a flexible questionnaire to assess reading and learning. Forms are easy to create, flexible and adaptable to the needs of each activity. StoreComm has 7 types of questions, such as simple, multiple-choice, photo, and numeric, among other.

Push Notifications

Activate StoreComm’s push notifications system to reach your organization individually in real-time. This way, your personnel will always be informed and up to date.

Communication Scheduling

StoreComm allows you to plan communications in the calendar, defining specific dates and times to deliver information at the right time throughout the year and ensure your communication SLA.

Automated communication

Automatic comm generation API

Frogmi’s ecosystem of APIs allows you to integrate the platform into your company’s systems, creating communications automatically based on internal information, such as personnel and human resources management platforms.

Real-time analytics

Data Extraction API

StoreComm natively integrates with business intelligence (BI) dashboards enabling real-time results tracking, visualization and analysis.

Benefits with StoreComm

StoreComm is an advanced mobile-web platform that integrates internal communication processes in one place, keeping everyone in your organization up to date and informed individually.

Better Results

✓ More skilled and informed employees


✓ Real-time communications, training, and coaching

✓ Reading and content incorporation evaluation


✓ Improved employee motivation and retention

✓ Real-time results tracking

StoreComm supports retail operations in different areas to achieve the perfect in-store experience

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Ensure effective and personalized communication with all employees.

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