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Ensure effective and personalized communication with all your employees

Keep your in-store staff up-to-date and engaged

More than 80% of workers worldwide do not work from a desk, but they need to be constantly communicated and informed to perform their jobs in the best way.
Achieving good internal communication supports your employees' integration, sense of belonging, and commitment.

How do we help?

With Frogmi, you can reach all your store personnel in a fast and targeted way, keeping them up-to-date and ensuring everyone has the information they need in a personalized way.

Internal communication


Work environment evaluation


Content assessment

Personalized automatic reports

Transform traditional notification methods such as emails, messages, and requests into communication tasks. Avoid informal and inefficient communication channels and the loss of information in thousands of emails. With Frogmi, each person receives only the information that concerns them, in a single structured inbox, with real-time metrics.

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Each communication includes all the necessary information and can be complemented with attached documents, such as PDF, images, videos, and links, to provide a greater level of detail.

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Frogmi allows you to include forms in each communication to evaluate the level of content learning and retention, obtaining real-time feedback from each person.

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Gain visibility into the effectiveness of your internal communication, measuring in real-time the level of readership, and performing engagement and sentiment analysis with AI.

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More skilled and informed employees

Increased engagement

Real-time results and followup

Our Solutions

Frogmi is a mobile-web execution solution to optimize your store operations with a holistic approach in 360°. See other areas we can support you to achieve the perfect store experience.

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Frogmi is a comprehensive web-mobile solution that supports the critical points of store operation to ensure proper execution.

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