Manage your stores at SKU-level with ShelfManager

ShelfManager is a task management platform, focused on micro-tasking, that allows you to manage tasks at item and SKU level.

Processes and tasks based on use cases

Create unique templates per activity to streamline the task creation process and provide store personnel with a systematic process for performing tasks.

Use smartphone or PDA

ShelfManager has the potential for mass use thanks to its operability on Android, iOS and Pocket PCs or PDAs.

Fast Scan

ShelfManager has a fast scanning system that turns mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into fast and reliable barcode scanning tools.

Incident management from the product

Store personnel can identify needs or areas for improvement as they walk the sales floor and use this information to alert other areas of the business. Through ShelfManager, they will be able to create tasks manually from their workplace.

Work teams

ShelfManager allows you to create work teams and roles that define responsibilities, permissions, and access for each store within the platform. Tasks are assigned to the work team enabling their resolution in parallel. Thus, store employees can collaboratively perform tasks.

API ecosystem


Use advanced analytics and AI to identify anomalous sales trends. Automatically triggers tasks based on these deviations to check for risks of lost sales such as phantom inventory, price differences and non-conformities in promotion implementation.

Automatic task generation API

Frogmi’s API ecosystem allows to integrate the platform with your company’s systems and consolidate everything in one place. This way, tasks are automatically created based on information from your systems.

Scripting API

The integration of ShelfManager also allows receiving results and feedback from your stores to feed your internal systems. Hence, you can update your systems’ data with real-time information from the stores.

Real-time analytics

ShelfManager integrates with native BI business intelligence dashboards, giving real-time visibility of the results in each store.

Benefits with ShelfManager

ShelfManager is a mobile-web-based SKU-level task management solution that automates processes, optimizes communication to and from the store, and improves item-level execution.

Better Results

+1,2% of total sales

+12pp increase in the fulfillment of promotions and displays


+30% productivity on tasks involving SKU-level management


✓ Enables the possibility of incorporating more personnel in these types of tasks

ShelfManager supports retail operations in different areas to achieve the perfect in-store experience

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Visual Merchandising

Improve the implementation of campaigns and commercial actions through a specialized task management platform.

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Product Execution

Ensure compliance of the product’s commercial variables on the sales floor through a task-management solution at SKU level.

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