In the competitive world of retail, customer satisfaction and supply chain efficiency are critical to success. This is where the On Shelf Availability Indicator (OSA) comes in, a powerful KPI that measures the availability of products on store shelves and their ability to meet customer demand.

It’s about more than having the products in the store; ensuring they are appropriately placed on the shelf or display is essential. The OSA evaluates each SKU in the store and ensures it is available to customers at the right time and in the right quantities.

Lack of product availability on the shelf can have negative consequences, such as lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and damage to the brand`s reputation. Therefore, measuring and improving OSA becomes essential for maximizing sales and profitability.

The key to improving OSA lies in efficient supply chain management. This includes accurate inventory planning, logistics, distribution, and proper layout on the sales floor. Additionally, real-time tracking and monitoring systems are crucial to quickly identify gaps in product availability and take corrective actions on time.

At Frogmi®, we offer a solution that allows for easy centralization of product availability, tailored to the reality of each store/mix/inventory/sales combination. By identifying sales anomalies, the platform generates prioritized micro-tasks based on strategic criteria for the business, such as significant sales, opportunity cost, or essential products. Here is where Frogmi® makes the difference, as it enables stores to strategically guarantee on-shelf availability and efficiently use their resources.

We understand that every minute a product is not on the shelf means a cost for the company, which is why Frogmi goes a step further and helps identify the reasons behind a sales decrease, allowing for informed, strategic, and rapid decision-making.

By adopting innovative technologies to improve operational efficiency, enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales, we will be prepared to successfully meet the challenges of retailing.