In today’s retail world, a term has emerged with force: the “Zero Consumer”. This concept, introduced by McKinsey, defines a group of global consumers who are redefining the rules of the game across all retail sectors. Originating in Asia, their influence has spread rapidly worldwide, making them a group to be reckoned with.

 Zero Limits. Zero Tolerance. Zero Loyalty.

These consumers exhibit versatile behavior. They are omnichannel, effortlessly navigating between the physical and digital worlds in search of the optimal shopping experience. They are price-sensitive but also appreciate product quality and value. They care about sustainability and look for environmentally and socially responsible brands.

They seek a personalized and memorable shopping experience, meaning companies must be attentive to their preferences and needs. Finally, as they are not loyal to any particular brand, they constantly seek new options that meet their changing demands. 

How to Captivate Zero Consumers?

 For retail companies and CPG brands, winning over zero consumers requires a comprehensive strategy that combines innovation, personalization, and transparency.

 A seamless omnichannel experience will allow consumers to access products and services across multiple channels, from physical stores to online platforms and social networks. Omnichannel ensures customers can interact with the brand consistently and seamlessly, regardless of their chosen channel.

 The search for quality products at affordable prices is a priority for these consumers. Companies must find ways to offer competitive products without compromising quality. Reassessing the supply chain, introducing private labels, and offering special promotions and discounts can help.

 Zero Consumers favor brands that value health, the planet, community, and transparency. Sustainable and environmentally responsible companies will win their preference, even if it means a higher price.

 Given Zero Consumers’ lack of brand loyalty, personalization can be an invaluable tool for fostering relationships with the company. A personalized shopping experience that considers previous interactions and anticipates future needs will strengthen customer loyalty. This strategy, backed by technology and data, drives Zero Consumer engagement.

Companies must be at the forefront of innovation to offer new and compelling products and services that meet the changing needs of Zero Consumers. This may involve introducing new product lines, collaborations with influencers or celebrities, or adopting emerging technologies such as augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

With extensive experience in various retail sectors, we know that keeping stores in optimal condition is crucial so the company can focus on conquering Consumer Zero. Therefore, at Frogmi, we have developed a platform that supports critical store operations points such as Helpdesk and Ticketing, Task Management and Auditing, Internal Communication, and Document Management, which integrates with business systems and supports daily operations, so your teams can focus on the most adding value chores. 

Zero Consumers represent a challenge and an opportunity for retail companies and CPG brands. Those who successfully adapt to their needs and expectations will be better positioned to succeed in an ever-changing marketplace.  

Is your company up to the challenge?