Helpdesk and Ticketing solutions are platforms designed to manage and resolve requests and incidents in a structured and efficient manner.

Although they are commonly associated with customer service, they also benefit other company areas. According to McKinsey, improving the internal customer experience not only increases employee satisfaction but also helps reduce costs by increasing productivity, eliminating process inefficiencies, and reducing absences.

Here are some concrete examples of how a Helpdesk and Ticketing platform can streamline and optimize any business’s processes.

Helpdesk and Ticketing for IT

These solutions enable efficient tracking of technical incidents, support requests, and equipment maintenance. For example, if an employee has problems with their computer, they create a ticket that will be handled by the IT team, ensuring a quick resolution and minimizing downtime.

Helpdesk and Ticketing for Human Resources 

Helpdesk solutions assist in handling employee requests, such as leave applications, document requirements, or inquiries about company policies. If an employee needs to ask for time off for a medical appointment, they can raise a ticket to HR. This submission will be reviewed and resolved quickly, reducing response times.

Helpdesk and Ticketing for Maintenance

These systems facilitate the execution of store equipment repairs. For example, if a POS fails, in-store personnel assigns a high-priority ticket to the relevant department, ensuring a quick repair to avoid operational interruptions.

Helpdesk and Ticketing for Customer Service

Helpdesk platforms administrate customer inquiries, complaints, and requests. This not only improves the customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS) but also provides valuable insights into trends and areas for improvement.


What Should a Helpdesk and Ticketing Platform Provide?

Internal and external customers often complain about ticketing systems, feeling that they merely add steps or complicate processes with bureaucracy. At Frogmi, thanks to our experience and Customer Success Manager team, we know how to implement these solutions to help you resolve issues efficiently. 

A Helpdesk and Ticketing system should offer organization, correct assignment to responsible areas, prioritization according to urgency and impact on the organization, traceability, SLA management, and metrics to evaluate the support team’s performance and improve efficiency.

Frogmi, with its Helpdesk and Ticketing module (StoreWork), adds the ability to automate tasks based on outcomes. Thus, it becomes a tool to standardize problem identification for the company and define corporate guidelines for managing and resolving it.

In summary, a robust Helpdesk and Ticketing platform that centralizes and automates all store requirements on a single platform can significantly transform a company’s operation, optimizing processes, improving customer service, and increasing employee satisfaction.