7-Eleven Mexico is part of the world’s largest chain of convenience stores, with more than 1800 stores in Mexico, 46 years of experience in the market and over one million customers daily.

In its constant search for new technologies and operational development, 7-Eleven found in Frogmi a strategic partner aligned with its values of innovation and continuous improvement to support them in improving the operational management of its 1800 stores.

One of the main challenges was to go beyond visualization. With Frogmi, 7-Eleven will manage tasks and automate corrective actions, obtaining real-time traceability of processes and ensuring compliance with SLAs.

” My experience with the platform has been excellent in each solution. With it, we have improved the management model of our supervisors and regional managers nationwide. It helps us visualize our opportunity areas effectively and correct them to maintain flawless execution in our convenience stores.

As for the Frogmi team, the service is incomparable, and we have made great teamwork to complete the projects on time.”

Ricardo Ramirez – Field Manager, Process Simplification and Counterpart at 7-Eleven

On the other hand, 7-Eleven saw unique value in Frogmi’s Customer Success team, who have expertise in the retail world, and deliver advice and constant accompaniment to the team, giving “unparalleled service,” as described by Ricardo Ramirez – Field Manager, Process Simplification and Counterpart at 7-Eleven.

“The operation is very happy and convinced with Frogmi®. In terms of support service, everything is excellent. There is a great understanding between supplier-customer.”

Juan Gilberto – Process Simplification Manager at 7-Eleven

On behalf of the entire company, we welcome 7-Eleven Mexico, a brand that is part of Iconn, a holding company with more than 99 years in the retail industry in Mexico. We are thrilled to take on this new challenge and the opportunity to support 7-Eleven in its growth and continuous improvement path.

“As Customer Success team, we understand this project as a challenge that seeks to enhance and improve our client’s processes, committing ourselves to work together to achieve the objectives set and achieve measurable results. The commitment, constant support, and teamwork with the different business areas are fundamental”.

Laura Gutierrez – Customer Success at Frogmi