Frogmi Safe Operation COVID-19

With Frogmi we help you get back to your daily operation. We offer a solution focused on solving the challenges of reopening stores in a safe manner, delivering confidence to your staff and customers.

Visibility of compliance with COVID-19 protocols

Automatic generation and assignment of corrective tasks

Fast and effective resolution of incidents

Create and implement in a very fast way the audits required to assess the operational protocols compliance associated to COVID-19.

  • Availability of critical supplies
    (masks, hand sanitizer, protocol instructive manuals, etc.)
  • Compliance with health authority protocols
    (minimum distance, visible information on implemented protocols, number of
    people in the store, etc.)

Receive automatic audit reports

  • A report with all the evaluated points, evidence images and compliance score is automatically generated and sent by email.

  • Use this report as evidence of the actions taken in case of review by the health authorities.

Use Cases

Real-time actionable information

Analytical Dashboard

Dashboard with compliance KPIs of protocols and availability of supplies with real-time information from a macro perspective to the detail of specific store audit.

Image Gallery

Real-time evidence of the correct
implementation of sanitary protocols and other operational standards.

Geo-referenced information

See on a map which stores have been
evaluated and the areas with the
greatest problems, and have direct
access to the details of the audits
carried out.